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Designer Spotlight-Lindsay Phillips

Ever tire of your same ole summer flip-flips?  Well Lindsay Phillips made it so this will never happen with her fabulous interchangeable flip-flop straps that you can “switch” with your mood, your occasion and your own personal style!  Labeled “Switchflops“, more Wrinkled…

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Beach Waves

Although we’ve seen some amazing surf in Hawaii, these beach waves I’m speaking of are more of the wavy-hair kind.  Today, I let my hair dry “a natural” and let the salt and the surf take it over to create more Wrinkled…

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Travel-The Best of the Big Island, Hawaii

What a wonderful time spent on the Big Island in Hawaii, aka Hawaii island.  This is a list of my favorites and top things to do on the Big Island, after all of our research, planning and the time we more Wrinkled…

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