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Designer Spotlight-Longchamp

On a typical weekday morning in Washington, D.C. I watched as women commuted to and from work, me right along side them.  Usually rushing on and off the metro, carrying umbrellas, coats, lunch bags, talking on their phones, typing on more Wrinkled…

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During college, I didn’t drink coffee.  It wasn’t helpful for late night cramming sessions; my go-to caffeine fix was either drinking lots of Coke or eating lots of chocolate!  It wasn’t until a couple years out of college that I more Wrinkled…

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Tropical Earmuffs

Wearing a dress as a skirt is a trick that can double the number of outfits in your wardrobe…a trick that I have been using lately, as also shown here.  In today’s post, I wore an old dress I found more Wrinkled…

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