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Spotted-Made in Malaysia

When I first arrived in Malaysia, I heard from some of the ladies that there were seamstresses in KL that could look at a picture of a dress you found in a magazine and make it for you!  So of more Wrinkled…

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Stairs versus Escalator

I had to share this video!  What a neat way to change peoples’ attitude and behavior about taking the stairs versus riding the escalator.  Now everyone gets more exercise!  What an amazing idea! Have a great day! (Thanks to a more Wrinkled…

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Travel-U.S., Cross County: Day 1 continued

For Travel Thursday, I am continuing with last week’s post of my husband and I’s cross country trip.  So where were we…oh, that’s right…we were walking into a the building labeled UFO store… So after our UFO expert (the nice more Wrinkled…

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